New handles (05/2017)

The parable of Design

Thanks to its timeless design, Profilo fits in easily with all environments and doors, from lacquered to natural wood doors.

Handles Focus (05/2017)

Let’s cut design!

Sharp, cleverly contoured lines and hence soft and pleasant to the touch, so perfect and harmonious that there’s no need to add anything else.

Editorial (05/2017)

Contemporary design

Fashions change, time passes and designs transform, taking on new shapes. Compared with the past, design is now more concrete, reconciling simplicity and pragmatism with the natural evolution of technology, which in recent times has become the focal point.

June handles (05/2017)

An artist handle

The “star" of this month is the Libera collection of handles: the sensation of liberty is clear and evident in the forms that seem to have been shaped by the wind. 

New handles (04/2017)

The whim and reason of the Sun King

The flair of the Baroque style lives once more thanks to the sumptuous ornamentation of this precious collection that combines the great skill of Italian craftsmanship with the most authentic design.

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