An elegant sensation

Grip Ebano
An elegant sensation

The Grip Ebano collection of handles for doors and windows displays an elegant yet modern silhouette. Contrary to other prestigious collections, it does not look to the past but contextualizes itself in the present, carving out an important space in the world of high-level handles.


The design of the neck of the handle required a careful study that gave life to something unique and original. In fact, the profile seems ellipsoidal but in reality, it appears more like a drop, therefore with one vertex distinctly sharper than the other.


This particular detail makes the handle more important and at the same time more sleek, making the handgrip slimmer and less delimited in its perfectly circular profile.


The latter is made entirely of ebony, one of the most precious and resistant essences in the world.


Ebony is one of the materials that most recently has fascinated interior designers with its characteristic black colour.


The choice of this material was dictated not only due to its exclusivity but also for its high stability and resistance, making it one of the best choices to embellish even an object of frequent use, such as a door handle.


It goes without saying that the handgrip of the Grip Ebano handle is extremely soft and warn, we would define it almost at “emotional” because of the sensations that the ebony coating manages to convey and evoke.


The Grip Ebano door and window handle is available in 3 finishes:

  • Polished chrome
  • Matt black
  • 24k gold plating

The 24k gold plating finish is almost aristocratic, perfect for the more classic and refined environments that need a new precious furnishing accessory.

On the other hand, chosen in the polished chrome finish, it is contemporary and can be combined easily with many types of doors, in particular painted ones.

Finally, the matt black version is modern and at the same time particularly discreet and luxurious.


Whatever finish is chosen, Grip Ebano is and remains one of the most suitable luxury handles to complete the most exclusive and refined living rooms.


Grip Ebano

A luxurious but discreet collection with a precious ebony insert to form the handgrip that conveys and evokes pleasant sensations.



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