Inspirations for interior design

New inspirations for interior design

Simply refined. It is with this incipit that we introduce new inspirations for interior design, expressions of the world of contemporary luxury.

Flos IC Lights

“I remember watching a short film about a juggler, Tony Duncan, and I was amazed at his ability to rotate the balls in the palm of his hands and around the full length of his arms. At times, the spheres seemed perfectly immobile on his fingertips. And only if you looked closely, you could have seen them rotate to find balance”.


With these words, Michael Anastassiades introduces his new lamp designed for Flos: a satin brass stem with a balanced sphere on top.


An opalescent ball that seems to want to slip away. As if it were a circus object, or an object used by a juggler who magically manages to balance both elements, ball and stick.


Calacatta marble

Calacatta, one of the most refined and elegant marbles, has always been a protagonist in all the most precious interior design projects.

Extracted mainly from the Carrara mountains, Calacatta marble fits in easily with all types of environments.


Poltrona Frau Vittoria chair

Elegant like few others, the Vittoria chair by Poltrona Frau is a timeless piece of furniture. Time goes by but its very simple and at the same time refined lines never go out of fashion and peep into the most luxurious interior design projects.


This chair stands out for its original backrest, which terminates with a subtle open spiral that gives it a pleasantly aristocratic accent.


Rosa Anna

This is a sumptuous flower, characterized by a particular nuance of pink defined as a “Venetian rose”. The Anna rose gives off a delicate scent from its large buds that goes well with a welcoming and refined environment.


Living brass handle

The Living handle for doors and windows is one of the Linea Calì 2021 novelties. Its silhouette is contemporary but goes well with classic and refined types of doors especially if chosen in the precious 24k gold finish.


Living is available with 2 different types of roses and key holes, traditional and lowered, in addition to the version for windows equipped with the innovative SmartBlock invisible anti-intrusion system that protects against theft and aggressions.




Discover the Living handle




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