Led Mesh handle with SWAROVSKI® crystals

Led Mesh
The discreet charm of a rivière of crystals.

Led Mesh is the name of the new handle for doors and windows embellished with SWAROVSKI® crystals dedicated to those who love the world of discreet luxury.


The conical handgrip is one with the stem that connects it to the rose.


Designed down to the smallest detail, it increases and decreases in diameter to accommodate the hand, making the grip safe and comfortable (one of the pluses of all the Linea Calì handle collections).

To further embellish this refined handle there is a ring of original SWAROVSKI® crystals, a rivière (an infinite row of precious gems of the same size) that illuminates this high-class collection.


The Led Mesh handle for doors and windows is available in 3 finishes:

  • Polished chrome
  • Satin chrome
  • 24k gold plating


Thanks to its particular shapes Led Mesh falls into the category of “timeless” handles that resist fashion and multiple stylistic influences.


Led Mesh is one of the most suitable collections to embellish a door with its discreet and refined elegance.


Led Mesh

The perfection of a SWAROVSKI® crystal rivière embellishes the conical silhouette of this refined collection with a discreet charm.



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