Let’s cut design!

Let’s cut design!


The new Jet handle for doors and windows produced by Linea Calì is like a perfect geometrical shape; it has a minimal design which does not however make it lacking or without soul.


Jet is characterised by an extremely thin profile, comfortable beneath the hand but visually cutting, such as the slashes inflicted by the artist Lucio Fontana on his paintings, allowing the observer to see the space beyond the canvas and creating a sort of sense of infinity.

“…Infinity passes through them, light passes through them, there is no need to paint…”.


And this can also be applied to the new Jet collection; the work of subtraction applied by the designer has produced a handle with such perfect and harmonious lines that anything else would be superfluous. Exactly.






Sharp lines, but comfortable, so perfect and harmonious that anything else would be redundant.


Look at the Jet collection



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