Magnetic doorstop in brass with SWAROVSKI® crystals

New doorstops with SWAROVSKI® crystals

The range of magnetic doorstops has been further expanded with the addition of original SWAROVSKI® crystals.


There are 2 available shapes:

  • round doorstop;
  • square doorstop.


The round doorstop is available with 4 different types of SWAROVSKI® crystals:

  • Crystal
  • Fancy blue
  • Fancy black
  • Fancy grey


The square doorstop, on the other hand, is available with SWAROVSKI® mesh, that is, composed of a pavé of crystals that appears infinite.


The available finishes are also infinite:

  1. Aged brass
  2. Satin anthracite
  3. Matt bronze
  4. Polished chrome
  5. Satin chrome
  6. Satin nickel
  7. Bronzed brass
  8. Polished brass
  9. Satin brass
  10. Gold plated
  11. Patiné
  12. Matt black.


All the magnetic doorstops are made of brass and manufactured exclusively in Italy.


As proof of this, each doorstop is “signed” with the Linea Calì brand, which certifies its authenticity, thus guaranteeing the customer the purchase of a high quality doorstop entirely produced in Italy


Why fit a magnetic doorstop instead of a traditional one?

The magnetic doorstop not only prevents the door from banging against the wall but it also prevents it from closing, thus proving very useful in many cases (for example when you keep the windows open to air a room).


Is it easy to fit?

Of course! The Linea Calì magnetic doorstop can be fitted in less than 5 minutes using the double-sided adhesive supplied or by making a small hole in the floor.


Where to buy Linea Calì magnetic doorstops?

To find the nearest store you can contact us at info@lineacali.it or by using the form on our site.



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