Mini-Calì 2021 – Shall we make a pizza?

Mini-Calì 2021
“Shall we make a pizza?”



New year, new calendar, new edition of our Mini-Calì desk calendar.


This year we have chosen a decidedly unusual theme for a company like ours that produces handles, but that’s fine, because you can’t copy others but you have to take risks and propose something different.


So the theme this year’s calendar is … PIZZA!

Pizza is one of the few dishes that everyone agrees on, from north to south, from east to west.


For each month, we have chosen a different pizza: Margherita, Caprese, Frutti di mare, Primavera… 12 pizzas for 12 months and 12 handles. Yes, because each pizza has been combined with one of our many collections of handles, in an ironic and unusual way.


So let’s start by presenting the protagonist of the month of January, where we find the Charme handle to represent the Bismarck pizza.

maniglia door handles Charme

The whims and reason of the Sun King come to life in the precious details of this collection of handles that combines the great mastery of Italian craftsmanship with a sumptuous and refined design.


The collection of Charme handles, clearly inspired by Louis XIV, presents a refined ornament studied on the proportions of the ancient example, while the “hourglass” handgrip is rich in decorations, revealing the great care taken in the creation of this handle.


The Charme vintage collection goes perfectly with doors in essence characterized by traditional materials and designs, but also with pantographed doors with decorations revisited in a contemporary key.



Look at the Charme collection



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