New magnetic brass doorstop

New magnetic brass doorstop

fermaporte magnetico in ottone

Everyone has had a door in their house that opens out against a wall and therefore with a strong probability of banging against the wall. In such a case the only effective solution to avoid damaging both the door and the wall, is to have a doorstop fitted to the floor.


Of course, protective devices could also be fitted to the wall at the same height as the handle (for example, the classic self-adhesive felt pad) but, in addition to being unsightly, it never really protects both.



Why fit a magnetic doorstop?

How many times have you heard a door in your house slam, maybe due to a draught while airing the house… or while carrying something you were unable to keep the door open!


It is in such cases that a magnetic doorstop is ideal, preventing the door from closing by itself. And it does so in the simplest way possible.



How is a magnetic doorstop different from a traditional one?

A magnetic doorstop looks the same as a traditional one but it is different. The black rubber hides a magnet that is fixed to a spring support that allows any blows to be effectively cushioned.

To make it work, a small circle must then be fixed to the door which, when it comes into contact with the doorstop, holds the door thanks to the magnet, preventing it from closing.


fermaporte magnetico con molla

The magnetic doorstop can be fitted in two ways: with adhesive or with a screw.


Fixing with adhesive

Fixing the doorstop with adhesive is extremely simple and within everyone’s reach: just remove the protective film from the adhesive of the support and position it where you want. The protective film is then removed also from the small disk to fix it the door.


Before attaching the elements, it is necessary to verify that the positions of both match; to do so, simply place the doorstop on the floor, to make sure that the position is correct.


Fixing with adhesive is also useful wherever there is underfloor hearting as drilling the floor could result in damage being caused to the pipes under the floor.



Fixing with screws

Fixing with screws involves drilling the floor (make sure there is no flooring heating system, if there is one the doorstop should be fixed with adhesive).


The plug supplied is then inserted and the base onto which the doorstop is to be fixed is screwed in. At this point, just position the magnetic disk on the door and fix it by making a small hole.


Again, in this case, before fixing the elements, it is necessary to check that the positions of both correspond; to do so, simple place the doorstop on the floor and open the door to check that the position is right and at the same time verify where to screw on the magnetic disk.



Where to purchase the Linea Calì doorstops?

To find the store nearest you, contact us by phone or email info@lineacali.it.


To find out more, download the technical data sheet.



Download the technical data sheet




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