Shaped by the force of the wind, it conveys the sensation of mystery and majesty of the desert.

The desert wind takes shape!

Like a jewel from an old treasure chest found on a desert island, embellished with a torchon of original Swarovski® crystals.

Shell Mesh: product portfolio extension

The Art Nouveau style, a privilege for the highest social classes of a vanished age, is represented here in a triumph of filiform ribs clearly inspired by foliage.

The triumph of nature

Sharp lines, but comfortable, so perfect and harmonious that anything else would be redundant.

Let’s cut design!

Curved lines overlap giving life to an extremely soft silhouette, characterised by alternating polished and satin surfaces and which is intended as a homage to the famous Cuban cigar.


An obsession with the cult of beauty reinvents the classics and gives shape to a collection that is elegant and immortal in its simplicity.

Classical once again

During the recent exhibition MADEexpo 2013 Linea Calì put on display one of the largest pull handles in original Swarovski® crystals ever to be made: it’s name is King, in name and in fact.

King: in name and in fact

The particular cut of the original Swarovski® crystals, designed to enhance the reflections, make this collection one of the most copied in the world.


An eclectic design without compromise dedicated to those looking for a daring and determined style.

Design without compromise

Characterised by the delicate form of the hand grip made of ceramic, Dalia adds a touch of femininity to all rooms.


A contemporary classic that is characterised by a refined and subtle style, highlighted by the handgrip made of original Swarovski® crystals.


Flowing lines glide beneath our fingers and give life to a particular shape that originates in the marine environment and arouses our curiosity.


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