Softness and fluidity in a streamlined design with an explicit reference to the marine environment.

Like a fish out of water

A form shaped by the wind that vaguely reminds us of the horse, Seabiscuit, the famous American thoroughbred which, in 1938, was defined the most famous personality of the year.


Sinuous lines follow each other giving life to a natural form that ideally resembles a branch on which an ibis is perched, an American bird with scarlet feathers like a sunset.

Design, it’s natural!

Linea Calì has always been attentive to the latest trends and recently added an unusual finish to its catalogue: the matt black finish.

Black Sensation

Particular “rings” receive the fingers thus adapting itself to all types of hands.


Its essence can be captured with one word: movement. Indeed, even though “the star” is in a static position, it seems to be moving to far off lands.

Just born and already a star

Inspired by the greatest works of Mondrian, Kandinsky and Pollock, the Brera collection elevates form, lines and colours thanks to the concept of abstraction, declaring its “physical” nature in just a few of its characteristics.


Our handle, Elipse, lands across the Atlantic –unannounced- in an article written by journalist Sanette Tanaka in the Wall Street Journal.

Elipse conquers the “big apple”

The year 2012, now drawing to a close, has been a year of new developments and innovation. After presenting the new collections, Ala, Lady and Poesia, we now give your the new Riflesso collection.


As usual, the photo shoot of the new Poesia and Soleil collections took place at the Romantik Hotel Laurin in Salò.

Poesia and Soleil

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