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Linea Calì is pleased to announce accomplishment of the certification EN 1906:2012, a European standard that classifies door and window handles by assigning precise indicators of quality.


After more than 30 years of business and constant Made in Italy craftsmanship, the prestigious goal officially rewards some of the essential values of our handles, in particular long lasting duration and corrosion resistance.

Le maniglie di Linea Calì hanno conseguito la certificazione EN 1906:2012 superando brillantemente i test di durata e anti corrosione.

Subjected to tests with an uninterrupted duration of 240 hours and over 100,000 test cycles, the Linea Calì handles proved to be extremely resistant to corrosion and with guaranteed long-term performance, 10 years for the polished chrome or satin chrome finishes and 20 years if treated with PVD coating.

Macchina nebbia salina

As for corrosion resistance, the Linea Calì handles achieved the highest level, Class 4.


As proof of this, each article that success- fully passes the numerous laboratory tests is “signed” with the Linea Calì mark that certifies its authenticity, demonstrating that the client has purchased a high quality handle that is produced entirely in Italy.


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