The collections of vintage handles

The collections of vintage handles


Let’s get things straight: vintage does not mean “old”. They are two very distinct words. The term vintage, in fact, identifies everything that is metaphorically covered by a “patina of time”, which embellishes it making it fascinating and desirable.


So it often happens to enter a house, a hotel or a restaurant, and our attention is immediately caught by furnishings that evoke the glories of a bygone era.


Wooden armchairs covered in precious fabrics. Coffee tables in wood or steel with marble tops. Lamps in satin brass that with their charm delicately illuminate the rooms.


We at Linea Calì have always believed in the vintage style, to be interpreted individually or by combining it with other more recent styles, creating a fascinating mix between past and present.


Below we offer you a short selection of vintage handles divided by artistic period.


Art Déco – Daisy

Scenes from Diaghilev’s Russian ballet come to mind in this delicate representation of the most authentic Art Déco style.

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Art Nouveau – Arte

A beautiful flower gives grace and majesty to this collection which is inspired by the works of Alfons Mucha, one of the most important artists of the Art Nouveau period.

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Barocco – Charme

The sumptuous ornamentation of this unique collection allows the Baroque style to revive and show itself in all its beauty.

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Luigi XV – Aida

The carefree and imaginative soul of the Louis XV style is reflected in this refined collection of handles that was created with the aim of enhancing the most precious environments.

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Luigi XIV – Soleil

The opulence and the splendour of the Sun King are evoked by highly refined ornamental reliefs, obtained thanks to the inlay technique of which the French cabinetmaker André-Charles Boule was a master.

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Luigi XVI – Epoca

The Louis XVI style defines the authentic design of this handle that evokes the magical atmosphere of Versailles palace.

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Razionalista – Glamor

The art of purifying forms characterizes this austere and sophisticated collection, an example of rationalist design dating back to the twentieth century.

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Rococò – Rococò

The French taste for art gives life to a collection full of intricate inlays.

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Tiffany – Tiffany

The austere Tiffany style, with its great charm, characterizes this authentic collection with its stylistic features.

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