The handle of the month of November 2021

The handle of the month: Aisha

Aisha calendario 2021

The door and window handle of November is the harmonious Aisha.

Elegant and exotic, Aisha is inspired by the geometric patterns typical of Arabic architecture.

The handgrip develops assuming the appearance of a large petal, meticulously decorated with a motif/pattern in relief.


The manual workmanship imprinted on the finishes, such as French gold for example, also amplifies the three-dimensional feeling of the handle.


Aisha is made in Italy and is available is the following finishes:

  • French black
  • French gold
  • 24K gold plated
  • Patiné


The Aisha collection is wide and comprises, in addition to the usual handle with and without rose, a handle on plate, a knob on rose and on plate in addition to the pull handle.


Visit the page dedicate to the Aisha collection and choose your favourite version.



Look at the Aisha page



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