The triumph of nature

The triumph of nature


The triumph of nature. These few words are sufficient to sum up the design of this collection of handles produced by Linea Calì in the Art Nouveau style.


The Art Nouveau style, in Italy initially called the Floral Style because of its references to the beauty of nature, was created with the aim of improving industrially produced goods to avoid trivializing mass-production. And this collection is anything but banal and predictable.

Filiform ribs characterise the hand grip of the handle making it at the same time comfortable to the touch; because a handle must not only be beautiful but above all, it must be comfortable and easy to grasp.


Motifs that are clearly inspired by foliage, ornate the top part of the plate and then gently move down, giving “life” to the forms of the handle, and finally harmoniously close off.






The Art Nouveau style, a privilege for the highest social classes of a vanished age, is represented here in a triumph of filiform ribs clearly inspired by foliage.


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