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Expression of absolute simplicity, the new Jenny handle metabolizes the charm and discreet elegance of contemporary luxury.


Polished chrome + glossy white

Satin chrome + glossy white

Satin chrome + polished chrome mix

Polished chrome mix + matt black

Polished chrome + Satin nickel

Satin brass + polished brass mix

Polished chrome + satin chrome

Satin chrome + matt black


Door handle on rose art.025

COD. 1730 rb 025

Door handle on plate

COD. 1730 pl

Window handle with DK movement and SmartBlock invisible anti-intrusion system

COD. 1730 sk

The Jenny window handles are equipped with the innovative SmartBlock anti-intrusion system that protects against theft and aggressions.

See how it works.

Pull handle

COD. 1730 mn 300


Door handle on rose art.025

COD.1730 rb 025

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Door handle on plate

COD.1730 pl

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Window handle with DK movement and SmartBlock invisible anti-intrusion system

COD.1730 sk

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Pull handle

COD.1730 mn 300

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Simply elegant


Expression of absolute simplicity, the new Jenny door and window handle metabolizes the charm and discreet elegance of contemporary luxury by reinterpreting a great classic: the Santos De Cartier pen.

Characterized by the same veins that made the pen so famous, Jenny stands out for its elegant simplicity.

Two circular brass profiles, an expression of absolute linearity, intersect giving life to the neck and handgrip of the handle.

The latter boasts an insert marked by light grooves, available in various finishes that characterize it and make it very comfortable to hold.

An insert that makes it precious, just like the Santos De Cartier.

But why did Linea Calì choose to be inspired by this pen? Because it in turn derives from the homonymous and iconic watch, the story of which we would like to tell you.

The Cartier Santos watch was made in 1904 by Louis Cartier and given as a gift to Alberto Santos-Dumont, a Brazilian aviator of wealthy origins and a great flying enthusiast.

The two met in one of the exclusive salons of Paris and during one of the many parties, which they both attended, Santos asked Cartier for a watch that he could also consult in flight, which was then impossible with traditional pocket watches.

And this is how Cartier in 1904 created a wristwatch with a geometrically unusual shape, rectangular, and with 8 screws on the bezel inspired by the rivets used on the cockpits of aircrafts.

But the first models on display didn’t arrive until 1911, the year in which Cartier began marketing the first Santos watch which, in a short time, became the emblem of the company.

But you don’t have to wait to hold the Jenny handle as it is already available in all our stores.

Eight finishing variations are available:
1. Polished chrome + polished white handgrip
2. Satin chrome + polished white handgrip
3. Polished chrome + matt black handgrip
4. Satin chrome + matt black handgrip
5. Polished chrome + satin chrome handgrip
6. Satin chrome + polished chrome handgrip
7. Polished chrome + satin nickel handgrip
8. Polished brass + satin brass handgrip

The Jenny collection is composed of:
• Handle with and without rose.
• Handle with plate.
• Handle for windows with standard invisible anti-intrusion system.
• Pull handle for entrance doors.





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