Lola Zincral


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Lola Zincral

Simple and essential, characterised by the edge-free handle perfectly coplanar to the door, the Lola handle with its contemporary look completes any room.


Matt satin chrome effect

Satin anthracite

Polished chrome

Satin chrome


Matt white RAL 9016

Matt satin nickel effect

Matt satin brass effect

Matt black RAL 9005


Door handle on rose art.027

COD. 428 rb 027

Window handle with DK movement 4 clicks

COD. 428 dk

Window handle with DK movement and SmartBlock invisible anti-intrusion system

COD. 428 sk

The Lola Zincral window handles are equipped with the innovative SmartBlock anti-intrusion system that protects against theft and aggressions.

See how it works.

Pull handle

COD. 428 mn 278

Lola Zincral

Door handle on rose art.027

COD.428 rb 027

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Lola Zincral

Window handle with DK movement 4 clicks

COD.428 dk

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Lola Zincral

Window handle with DK movement and SmartBlock invisible anti-intrusion system

COD.428 sk

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Lola Zincral

Pull handle

COD.428 mn 278

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Lola Zincral


Lola is a handle with modern and discreet lines, extremely easy to combine with various types of doors and windows, and it was specifically designed for those who especially love home furnishings.

Distinguished by small dimensions (it is 143mm long), it has a smooth handgrip, perfectly in line with the door, outlined by two circular ends.

The thickness of the handgrip was designed specially to ensure a comfortable and safe grip, almost enveloping, and integrates perfectly with the key hole/rose.

Every detail has been treated with care, with bevelled profiles that convey a feeling of softness to the hand.

The neck of the handle, which connects the handgrip to the rose, follows the circular line of the handgrip but ends with a flat profile, giving a touch of modernity to the design.

Lola is available in various finishes:
• Polished chrome
• Satin chrome
• Matt satin chrome effect
• Matt white RAL 9016
• Satin anthracite
• Matt black RAL 9005
• Moka
• Matt satin nickel effect
• Matt satin brass effect

This last finish, matt satin brass, is certainly the most contemporary and is the perfect mix between classic and modern.

Lola is an extremely versatile handle, which exhibits surprising modernity from up close (top view), but also a note of classicism when viewed from a distance (frontally).

This makes it perfect for adapting to a variety of environments, both the most traditional and the most contemporary, making each door a stylish focal point in the home.





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