Polo Zincral


Modern Polo handles in Zamak

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Polo Zincral

The Cartesian oval traces the silhouette of this compact handle that easily fits in with all contemporary environments


Satin anthracite

Polished chrome

Satin chrome

Matt black


Door handle on rose art.027

COD. 460 rb 027

Window handle with DK movement and SmartBlock invisible anti-intrusion system

COD. 460 sk

The Polo Zincral window handles are equipped with the innovative SmartBlock anti-intrusion system that protects against theft and aggressions.

See how it works.

Polo Zincral

Door handle on rose art.027

COD.460 rb 027

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Polo Zincral

Window handle with DK movement and SmartBlock invisible anti-intrusion system

COD.460 sk

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Polo Zincral

Natural contemporaneity


The new Polo is a compact door and window handle (the handgrip is 135 mm long) suitable for contemporary environments and modern doors.

The design is characterised by an elliptical shape that derives from a Cartesian oval. To put it simply, we can say that the handle section is reminiscent of the perfect natural and organic shape of an egg.

The handgrip protrudes outward to provide an easy and firm grip, while the internal profile is reduced to make the grip very comfortable and give the hand a pleasant feeling of softness.

As with many other Linea Calì handles, Polo is particularly safe in private or public environments where children are present because it lacks any sharp edges.

The Polo handle for doors and windows is available in 4 modern finishes:
• Polished chrome
• Satin chrome
• Satin anthracite
• Matt black

The Polo collection is wide and is composed of:
• Handle with or without rose
• Handle for windows with SmartBlock invisible anti-intrusion system

Polo is a “natural” handle not only due to its organic shape, but also because it is made of Zamak, an eco-friendly material defined as “noble” due to its technical characteristics that make it comparable to the much more expensive brass.

The Zamak alloy offers some significant advantages as compared with other materials:

• low environmental impact: since Zamak is a zinc alloy, during the manufacturing processes there is no dispersion of harmful substances into the environment.
• recyclability: all products made in Zamak are recyclable, with increasing attention to respect for the environment.
• excellent resistance to wear: handles produced in Zamak offer greater resistance than products produced in other alloys.





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