1986 - 2017

The fascination of Italian Style is told in our history.


The difference between a handle and a simple piece of brass was born in 1986, when Paolo and Danilo Calì, together with Mario Facchetti, founded the Linea Calì srl and began to transform simple brass handles into furnishing accessories for all purposes.

A risky but far-sighted idea, which revolutionized the world of handles and allowed it to become one of the leading companies in the production of “style handles”.


More than 30 years after its foundation, Linea Calì continues to produce in Italy following the same philosophy, distinguishing itself from the competition and representing the symbol of Made in Italy luxury in the world.


Now the company looks to the future with enthusiasm and trust, because as long as the doors will not be operated telepathically…they’ll all still dream of a Linea Calì handle.


Why are Linea Calì handles more beautiful than others?


Linea Calì doesn’t produce simple handles but unique and inimitable objects. As proof of the originality of each product, the Linea Calì collections are marked Patented Design, a patent that is released by the international body WIPO that promotes the protection of intellectual property in the world.

The Linea Calì process of thick chrome plating involves the application of a layer that is 5 times greater than standard chroming, thus guaranteeing an unparalleled brightnees and a particularly pleasant and velvety sensation as well as high resistance

We produce high quality handles. We do it only in Italy.


We are proud that we can guarantee our customers products that are manufactured entirely in Italy, in compliance with the most recent European standards on the quality of the raw materials used, the technical characteristics and the resistance of surface treatments.


As evidence thereof, we mark each and every item that we sell, certifying its authenticity, thus guaranteeing the customer a high quality handle produced entirely in Italy.


The awareness of the environmental impact of our activity on the environment that surrounds us has also given way to a production chain that we can define GREEN.

All internal processing processes are carried out in an eco-sustainable way, while our suppliers adopt an Environmental Management System to prevent pollution, purifying emissions into the atmosphere and purifying waste water.


A big commitment, that we feel to carry on always with more conviction because we firmly believe in it.



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