NEW “Le mille e una notte” BROCHURE

New “Le mille e una notte” brochure

As millions of stars light up the sky, thousands of Swarovski® crystals embellish the new collections of Linea Calì handles.


Each crystal is set individually with great care and attention, as in a priceless jewel. Like a memory or an emotion, they are firmly fixed in the heart.


Authentic items to be displayed. To be admired. To be enjoyed.

Feeling Collection


Simple yet sophisticated, the Feeling handle collection was designed for those who want a refined and sumptuous handle. Inspired by the majestic Murano glass chandeliers of the late 900s, it is characterized by simple lines that make it suitable for multiple types of doors.


Its precious handgrip is adorned with over 80 Swarovski® crystals skilfully set with the same technique used in goldsmithing.

Sogno Collection


The Sogno handle is sophisticated and exquisite and represents the classic styles of the 20th century with its pleasantly feminine silhouettes. The body of the handle is slim and slight and displays coherent proportions from whatever angle it is observed.


The handgrip captures our attention thanks to 135 Swarovski® crystals, set one by one as in a precious necklace to be jealously protected and displayed on the most important occasions.

Jewel Collection


Imposing and theatrical, the Jewel handle collection is the Baroque reproduction of luxury. Graceful and eloquent lines pursue each other in a dynamic impulse that, like a vital current, is conveyed to the observer, arousing admiration and amazement.


The opulence of this handle is declared in the handgrip enriched with 135 Swarovski® crystals, which, with their iridescent reflections, make this collection an authentic jewel to be put on display.

To discover all the new collections and models, download the PDF of the new ‘Le mille e una notte’ brochure now.



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