Giro zamak handle

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The particular and “original” design of the Giro Zincral handle does not go unnoticed.


The “neck” of the handle, that is, the part that connects the handgrip to the door, is a small cube that transmutes tapers and shifts giving life to a singular handgrip characterized by a profile cut at 45°.

This handgrip, perfectly flat and coplanar to the floor, an important section that allows the hand to grasp it with ease.


All edges have been rounded to make this collection safe even in the presence of children.

The Giro Zincral collection is made of zamak and is composed of numerous articles:

  • Handle with rose (also reduced)
  • Handle for DK window with 4 positions
  • Handle for DK window and SmartBlock anti-intrusion system.


Giro is available in 5 contemporary finishes:

  • Polished chrome
  • Satin chrome
  • Polished white
  • Satin anthracite
  • Matt black


Thanks to its originality, Giro Zincral can be combined with lacquered or wooden doors. In the latter case, we suggest the combination with satin anthracite or matt black finishes, which are particularly in vogue and adapt easily to various types of décor.


Giro Zincral

A handle that does not go unobserved, where flat surfaces alternate with other oblique surfaces giving life to a modern and original silhouette.






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